GCSE & A-Level Exhibition 2018

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It’s that time of year when the department celebrates the variety and creativity of our fantastic students studying GCSE and A-Level Art & Design, Fine Art and Photography courses.  The students work on display is the coursework they have produced over the last two years along with their Externally Set Assignment (Examination work).  All sketchbooks and supporting work is on display in the Art rooms and will be available to view over the next two weeks.  There is a specially ‘Private View’ night on Thursday 21 June, 6:00 to 7:30pm for students, parents, staff, friends and the student population,  RSVP.


The Soldier’s Journey

In teaching Art and Design I often stumble across artists that are inspirational.  One such discovery was that of the contemporary figurative American sculptor Sabin Howard who has been commissioned by the United States World War One Centennial Commission to produce a memorial in Washington , DC, USA.

For some time I have been involved in a local memorial in my home town, Lytham St Annes The Lytham St Annes Spitfire Memorial.  As a memorial we created a full size replica of a Spitfire, and tell the story of it’s pilot Sgt Alan Lever Ridings last tragic mission in 1942. As a consequence of the work I did I have become more aware of the public memorials we have here in the United Kingdom having visited a number of fine examples that include the Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, London which stands as a fitting tribute to the 55,573 Bomber Command crew who lost their lives in the Second World War.  Another fine piece being The Royal Tank Regiment Memorial of Whitehall Court, London a statue that depicts the crew of a World War 2 Comet tank. Which was issued to the Royal Tank Regiment in 1945, sculpted by Vivien Mallock. Perhaps the most impressive, in my opinion being the The Battle of Britain Monument (photo below) in London a sculpture by Paul Day, on the Victoria Embankment.


Having seen these great pieces it was interesting reading about the the new commission that Sabin Howard was undertaking for the United States World War One Centennial Commission.  Washington has many great memorials to conflicts including WW2 and the Vietnam war but nothing for WW1. So when I discovered this article in Whitehot Magazine that gives a great background to memorial art in the USA then talks about Sabin Howard  and his approach to the project i was most intrigued. Embedded in the article was a link to ta vimeo video about Sabin Howard that is fascinating as it features the artist talking about his working method featuring, drawings, photos and sculpture work both by hand and computer. Below are examples of his work for the project.




<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/263458079″>New York Academy of Art – 2018 Art &amp; Culture Lecture Sabin Howard – WWI memorial</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/nyaa”>New York Academy of Art</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

GCSE – 4th Year Portfolio Unit 1 Deadline 11 June


All the GCSE 4th Year students are to hand in their sketchbooks to their Art & Design teacher (teacher’s pigeon hole) on 11 June 2018 .  This work will be assessed according to the AQA Examination Board’s mark scheme (viewed here>>>). The assessment marks will include student’s WordPress Blogs and Instagram stream. This mark will form the basis for the Internal Examination mark. This assessment mark will be for Coursework – Portfolio Unit 1.

Coursework – Portfolio Unit 2

Reminder that the next assignment was published here on WordPress on May 24. This is a mock question paper (Portfolio Unit 2) where you choose one theme that will be completed by 10 December 2018. Portfolio Unit 1 plus Portfolio Unit 2 will be your completed coursework element of the GCSE and this combined work will be the basis for the assessment mark that we will give out in February 2019.

A pdf of the Mock Photography Question paper of the can be viewed here>>>>>

A pdf of the Mock Fine Art Question paper of the can be viewed here>>>>>

Student Blogs Page update

Term TasksWe have updated the Students Blogs Page 4th Year section with the above breakdown of home many pages you should have completed in your sketchbooks, blogs posted and Instagram posts you need to have done, term by term. By the time you come back to school 11 April you should have completed:

30 x Sketchbook pages (completed quality well designed and presented)

42 Posts to your Blog (Critical Studies Artists-Photographers case study, your own shoots and Instagram themes, technical details regarding your camera, cheat sheets on Aperture, shutter speed etc, composition and photography areas of interest)

180 quality posts with no repetition with emphasis on close ups.



4th Year GCSE update document 09-03-18

GCSE - 4th YR Photography Overview 2017-2018 updateWe have updated the GCSE 4th Year Photography overview 2017-2018 booklet with the addition of the Year’s Tasks by Numbers page which relates to the minimum number of blogs, sketchbook pages and Instagram post that you should have done each term in the 4th Year.  This is there as a guide for targets that will put you in a commanding position to gain a top grade next year if completed to a good standard.  Above and below are two pages that been updated there are other pages that have been tweaked.  Do look at the document.  Remember the GCSE Resources page is a good starting point for various documents and links.

GCSE - 4th YR Photography Overview 2017-2018 update 2